5 Promising and Emerging Careers In 2017

What jobs will trend in 2017? Which professions have a more promising outlook and are worth the investment? These are just a few questions you need to ask if you’re selecting a college or you intend to switch careers. Here are some jobs that are looking promising and emerging in 2017:

1. Software Application Developers

Required training: Bachelor’s degree and practical experience for entry-level.

This is one undisputed job of the near future. Software surrounds us every second of our lives, and individuals who create it will never be out of a job and will receive high salaries. This ongoing revolution in the mobile device industry promises stable growth in the sphere. Experts agree that this profession is going to experience 23% growth in the next ten years.

Expected median salary: $90,000

2. Personal financial advisers

Required training: Bachelor’s degree.

This field is one of the rapid-growing occupations presently. It is estimated to grow almost 30% in the next ten years, thanks to several affluent baby-boomers retiring during the time-frame. Practice also shows that most people aren’t very keen on getting into details of how cash works as well as where to invest the funds–which implies that experts who can ease this burden will be in constant demand.

The expected median salary is $67,520.

3. Nursing

Required training: State Tested Nursing Assistant. You can enroll for STNA classes in Dayton Ohio.

Employment of registered nurses has been projected to grow 19% from 2012 to 2022, and this is a lot faster than the average for all occupations. This growth will occur for some reasons, including growing rates of protracted conditions like obesity and diabetes, and an increased highlighting on preventative care.


In addition, there is too more financial pressure on the hospitals. It will increase the number of people who are admitted to long-term care facilities as well as outpatient care centers. Hence, it is logical to have strong job growth for the nurses in such organizations.

The expected median salary is around $68,000

4. Survey researchers

Required training: Master’s degree.

Business is becoming more and more technical in its methodologies to forming strategy and relies on data from research and surveys. Consequently, the demand for individuals working in this field will increase as well, like their salary. This job is likely to grow by 18% before 2022, which is a lot higher than average. If you’re fascinated by sociology, statistics, and business research, consider this field.

The expected median salary is $45,050

5. Web designers

Required training: Bachelor’s degree with practical experience for entry-level.

Employment in this field will grow more than 20% in the next ten years, and web designers, particularly highly-professional ones, will see steady growth in the demand for their services.

The expected median salary is about $62,500.

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