Introducing the Newest Addition to the Shipment World: Online Postage Services

When it comes to convenience, the Internet has bombard us with several options. Similarly in the world of shipments, such options have existed previously in several forms including shipment and speed post tracking. Recently, there has been another addition to this list of ease with the name of “online postage services”.

Normally, there is a traditional  way to deal with shipments and that is a trip down the post office. With online postage services, that long trip of yours has been saved and has given you the power to send packages online.

How does it Save You Time and Money?

If you have ever had to send a postage via the post office, you know just how time consuming it can be. Be it a company related package or a customer order, the whole job of weighing packages, figuring out the cheapest sending option, and applying postage from a clerk is  a ordeal. Now imagine doing that on a higher frequency let’s say twice a week. This is not only tiring but pressures your wallet as well. This is where online postage services will come in handy for you.

Online postage gives you the benefit of receiving discounted postal rates as presented to companies who have postal meters, and that too without leasing expensive hardware. Secondly, it allows you to buy and print postage from your computers, which means a lot of your effort is saved as well. More to this, if you are sending items which are heavy but relatively small (thick consumer electronics, collectibles like comic books), the combination of the priority mail program and online postage can lead to big savings over even standard mail. In order to purchase online postage with the discounts that are offered, several companies can be contacted which include, and

How does it work?

Here is a brief outlook on how it is supposed to work:

  1. Firstly, the package to be shipped or to be sent is weighed.
  2. Then, information related to the delivery is mentioned, which includes mentioning its dimensions and weight in particular.
  3. Then, you choose the best shipping option present to you.
  4. The next step would involve use of your printer to print out the label and postage. Imagine the amount of time saved and the ease of using your own printer for such work.
  5. After the above mentioned particulars, you provide your packages to the mail person, who shall be handling the normal pickup and delivery for your business. This can be done by scheduling a specific pick time online as well. The special pick up time shall come with a price though.
  6. After your package has been picked up, be sure to check your shipment status, through online tracking. To know about shipment and speed post tracking, click here.

Be sure to remember that this facility is relatively the newest development hence there are only a handful of different companies that offer this service, if you are a small business owner you will want to take the time to determine which online postage service suits you best for your delivery needs.

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