5 Smart Phone Apps You Should Install to Increase Your Productivity

The last five years or so have introduced us with a huge numbers of smartphone apps. Be it social media, banking, online shopping or even weight tracker, there is an app for almost everything. While they were produced with an aim to aid us all, however, we can not deny that it has made us lazier than before. So what can one do if they want to be more productive and accomplished? The answer is simple: try out these top 5 apps which have proven to boost productivity of people throughout all levels of life.

1. RescueTime

Rescue TimeNow if you find yourself excessively using your smartphone, then you must try this app. This app will help you trace how much time you spend on the internet and will generate a full report at the end of every week, telling you exactly what, where and how much time have you spent. Also, this application gives you the option of setting your own productivity goals along with the option of blocking certain apps that tend to turn you into a internet-sloth. In short, this will be your personal time tracker and will keep you on track, if you tend to drift off a lot when it comes to using smartphones and internet.

2. AppMachine

This one is for the Lazy yet creative developers. Imagine a platform which would give you the option of easy mobile application development, for both iOS and Android. AppMachine does that. It lets you design your own app, using a drag-and-drop interface and building blocks. From colours, to pictures, to icons and fonts, this app gives you complete control over the app’s design and performance. Once you are done with the designing, you can test the app, link it to different social media platforms and drop it in the Google Play store or Apple’s App Store.

3. Trello

TrelloManaging different projects and need to check them all at the same time? seems like a hot-mess? Not with Trello. This app allows you to overlook different projects at the same time, through your smartphones or tablets. Every project gets its own card, which can carry the dates, names, or any other information you like to feed to it, and all the cards visually display the pace of projects. Plus, everything is synced directly to cloud so you have the comfort of viewing progress on any smart device.

4. InkFlow

Nothing is as frustrating as thinking of a creative idea and losing it. This is where InkFlow will help you keep a record of all those creative thoughts. Basically aimed at artists, this app is an excellent way to draw out your ideas and export them later for further work. Be it a random doodle or a really clear-cut image, it is good to haveĀ an app that can store that visual cue.

5. 1Password

1passwordWith many apps comes different strings of passwords, which you can forget as soon as you set them. 1Password will help you keep all your passwords at one place. Along with this, it will remember all your codes so that when you open any password-bearing app the next time, you won’t have to type in the password again.

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