A Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Smartphone for Yourself

With every coming day, more and more enterprises are being added to the list of companies in USA, many of them operating in telecommunication industry. Despite the fact that the increasing number of companies works in favor of customers by promoting competition, it might sometime prove to be disadvantageous for consumers who fail to choose the best option for themselves due to lack of knowledge. Same happens when you wish to buy a new smartphone, every website lists different cellphone as their favorite and you are left confused that which cellphone you should choose. In this article we guide you to choose the right smartphone for yourself.

Know your Preferences

Smartphones offer a variety of features, a lot of which are totally irrelevant to your daily needs. For example, a 3 GB ram might be useless if you are purchasing smartphone only for texting, calling and social media. Also, know that the more features you demand, the more you will have to pay. Keeping that in mind, decide on a list of feature that you look for in your new cellphone (Display size, camera quality, android version, mobile memory etc.) and cut off any phone that carries more or less features.

Consider the reviews online

Now that you have figured out what you prefer, compare different phones online using simple *one phone* vs *other phone* google searches. It will give you a comparison between phone specifications which help you in shortlisting even further. You can go a step ahead and read online reviews or watch video reviews on YouTube to get a reality check of functionality of the smartphone. Keep an eye out for fake/ paid reviews that are evident from their exaggerating tone and formal language.

Determine your budget


Smartphone from the different companies cost different even when they hold the same features. If the budget constraints you, this should be your next step: determine the range of money that you are ready to spend on purchasing a new device and remove any shortlisted phone from earlier list that does not fall in your range. It is important to make you realize here that the price of a phone does not reflect its quality; some well-established brands charge unfairly much for the same product provided by a newer brand in lower price. Be flexible in your budget if you can get a much higher quality phone with a little increase in price.

Decide on a carrier

Smartphone’s most basic purpose is communication which is directly linked to the cellphone carrier choice. The best US cellular carriers based on reviews are Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint. You might as well choose from them by comparing their packages.

Choose the store

Choice of the store is as important as the choice of phone; if you do not buy the product from a reliable chain, you might end up with a garbage device with no replacement. Again, internet and mouth-to-mouth reviews can come handy. Ask around and decide accordingly.

Finally, while making the purchase, consider to buy phone damage or replacement insurance to make your investment even safer and have a great smartphone experience.

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