5 Best iPad Pro Best Games of 2016

iPad Pro was recently launched with a revised size at the Apple’s keynote event held in March 2016. The huge display now available at 9.7 inches and 12.9 inches makes it a good device to play some interactive games. Lets look into the list of iPad Pro best games that will make you love your tablet.

1. Skylanders SuperChargers – Top in the iPad Pro best games


This one is a toy based game as you can judge well from the image above. Although the game was launched previously on iPad. It has now been updated with support of other Apple devices like iPhone and Apple TV. The feel of the game is enhanced on the larger display of iPad Pro. The fancy vehicles and comical graphics increase the user experience for the game to an even higher level.

2. The Room Three

room three

One of the conventional type of games that keeps the user intrigued are often related to puzzles. This is one of them. The latest version is specifically designed for iPad Pro. The requirements of the games are high enough for the first iPad to rum smoothly. The game involves intense user involvement and interaction both mentally and physically in order to examine the items.

3. Shadowmatic


Shadowmatic brings a unique concept on the table. It lets the user manipulate abstract object by rotating them on the screen until the shadow of each object creates a recognizable shape. The game has got some stunning visuals which look even better on the larger screen of iPad Pro. It features 10 different rooms. Each room has its own atmosphere, and music.

4. Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved


This is from the award winning Geometry War franchise. The game is basically an arcade shooter with 3D grids which look awesome on the iPad Pro screen. With a total of over 100 levels in the game, it sure makes it a tough one. So start already. Download the game and get on the journey towards the end of one of the iPad Pro best games.

5. Sim City BuildIt


If you are a game freak, you must have been a fan of Sim City from before. The game brings so much real life simulation into it which makes it the most interesting. This game has been released for iPhone and iPad earlier too. However the larger display of iPad Pro make it more interactive. The game is all about zooming and rotating into the 3D buildings which make the task even more enjoyable on the iPad Pro display.

These are some of the iPad Pro best games that you would definitely not want to miss. If you already own an iPad Pro, download, play and feel free to give us your feedback.

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